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About William Juttner

My name is William Juttner, but most call me Will. I grew up as 1 of 5 siblings, which made for a very loud crazy household. I am kind, caring and funny (or at least I think I am). One of my favourite things about working at this amazing school is the people; everyone that I have met at MSQ has shown values of being caring, understanding and thoughtful in one way or multiple. From hardship to unfortunate circumstances people here band together and pick each other up when they’re down and it makes me smile being a part of this magical place .

A few fun facts about myself are that I am trained in German longsword, and Epee (sword fighting). I know the movie scripts “The Princess Bride” and “Labyrinth” off by heart, and finally I am a trained dancer of all categories as throughout schooling I competed in Dance Excellence Scholarships.

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