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Every massage booking is split into a 5 - 10 minute client assessment/intake interview, treatment, as well as allowing 5 minutes for client feedback.

Assessment and feedback are an important process in the professional development of our students and your cooperation and understanding is very much appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of the duration of your booking (1 hour, 90 minutes, 2 hours) this 10 - 15 minute assessment/feedback allocation is an important component of your overall treatment.

FOR EXAMPLE: A standard one-hour booking would consist of an initial 5 - 10 minute assessment and 5 minutes for client feedback, leaving 45 - 50 minutes for the actual treatment.

The school is located on the first floor (above Fantastic Furniture) with stairs being the only way to access the clinic.

Please advise of cancellation of your appointment as soon as possible so that we can re-schedule student bookings.

Relaxation Massage

$25 - 1 Hour

A relaxing, full body massage to calm the mind, relieve stress and promote overall well being.

Students undertaking studies in Certificate IV in Massage are encouraged to develop their own unique, signature treatment, combining a blend of Swedish massage, reflexology, shiatsu and various deep tissue techniques.

Speciality massage: One-hour Reflexology and Shiatsu treatments are also part of our Relaxation massage offering and are subject to availability.

Remedial Massage

$35 - 1 Hour

A remedial massage is intended to work towards a specific outcome.

Using a variety of advanced techniques, students will perform an assessment and then design a treatment plan to help relieve pain, reduce symptoms and improve overall mobility.

The application of remedial massage is traditionally 'firmer' than relaxation massage. However, our students will work with you based on your feedback through the treatment.

Dry Needling Session

$40 - 1 Hour

Our remedial massage students are taught a unique blend of dry needling and soft tissue techniques. This is perfect for chronic and acute pain as well as injury management. Dry needling treatments are $40 for the hour and are subject to availability.

PLEASE REMEMBER: This is a student clinic. Serious health issues and injuries should be addressed by qualified health professionals.

Aromatherapy Massage

$40 - 90 Minutes

Aromatherapy massage combines the benefits of relaxation massage with the use of essential oils derived from plants to improve your mood and alleviate pain.

The massage therapist will design a signature blend of up to five oils mixed into a carrier oil based on your needs and circumstances.

This essential oil blend is then used to carry out an aromatherapy massage, facial and foot bath.

An aromatic experience to pamper your whole body from head to toe!

Important Information

  • All treatments are subject to the availability in our student clinic. It depends on the students we have enrolled, what they are studying and their process within their qualification.
  • Students will be at various stages of learning and expertise. Experience ranges from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced. Your support and encouragement is very much appreciated regardless of where the student is in their professional development.