-essential oils, chemistry, aromatherapy massage-

8th June - 14th July 2021 - 18 lessons
Tuesday 9am-4pm & Wednesday 1pm-4pm

Aromatherapy helps restore the harmony between body and mind, a balance that is  constantly sabotaged by the stresses of modern life, and the environment.

Aromatherapy can positively affect the way we look, feel and think. Aromatherapy enhances health, vitality and well-being of the mind, body and emotions.

This short course will:

  • Give you an in-depth theoretical knowledge of essential oils, how to test, blend and use.
  • Develop an awareness of the many powerful effects of essential oils.
  • Enable you to competently perform an Aromatherapy massage.

You will also learn how to use essential oils in beauty, the home and health.

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