[Special Workshop] Fijian Floor Massage

MONDAY 21, 28 October & 04 November 2019
3 Day Course / 9.00am-4.00pm

What is Fijian barefoot floor massage?
Fijian massages are a natural pain-relief and relaxation technique that has been used for centuries, even after introduction of Western medicine into Fiji

  • This wonderful deep tissue therapy for both client and therapist barefoot massage is performed on the floor with clothes on.
  • Fijian massage is a technique that uses the masseuse’s feet which involves deep tissue massage using the edges of the feet, that's more effective at loosening muscles than most that use hands and elbows.
  • Feet can get to the source of a client’s pain, releasing tension and tightness. Feet can feel all the client’s sore areas and can increase circulation, mobility and flexibility
  • The Fijian Massage aspects of this massage incorporate specific, deep pressure followed by a vigorous jostle movement to the larger muscle groups to help encourage increased neuromuscular connections and activation of weak, inhibited muscle groups.


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