Next Semester starting from 12 September

Massage Schools of Queensland has three (3) intakes annually, which are in January-February, May and September.

Our next semester is starting on 12 September 2017 for the courses mentioned below.

So, where you are interested in a new career, you’re already a therapist and wish to upgrade your skills, or simply wish to learn massage as a hobby, Massage Schools of Queensland has a range of accredited courses to suit you.

Please contact us for more details!

Field work – Massage course

Field work – Massage course

Our students who have undertaken their massage course (HLT42015 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy / HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage) have provided recovery massage to pro-athletes and attended at a lot of sports events.

The students have had a valuable experience learning to deal with elite athletes in a start of the art facility.




Factory & Facility visit – Aromatherapy course

Factory & Facility visit – Aromatherapy course

Our students who have undertaken their Diploma of Aromatherapy have visited a factory of essential oils and organic products, facility of aged care and palliative care viagra soft.

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An Introduction to Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is the branch of astrology that deals with the workings of the human body. A competent medical astrologer can analyze a person’s birth chart and determine bodily strengths and weaknesses, proneness to various disease states, and nutritional deficiencies. In the event of illness or disease, a medical astrologer will use predictive methods to try to determine the severity and duration of the disease. Sometimes a medical astrologer can help determine the course of a disease by the use of a chart called a decumbiture chart.

This type of astrology has its basis in ancient astrology when the astrologer rarely knew the exact time of birth of a subject. Instead, a chart was set up for the time the patient “took to his bed” or for the time the physician analyzed the urine of the patient. Nowadays, the decumbiture chart can be set up for the time of a diagnosis by a doctor or for the time a person “takes to his bed.”

Medical astrology is also helpful in elective surgery. The medical astrologer can pick the best date(s) and time(s) for an elective procedure — anything from a face lift to a college injection. Although it is always best to have the time of birth of the person, if this is not possible, the medical astrologer can still help the client pick the most fortunate times for the procedure.

Needless to say, one should not try to use elective astrology in a medical emergency. Medical astrology should not be used to diagnose illness. The only person who can diagnose illness is a medical doctor. And even a medical doctor who is also versed in medical astrology would not try to diagnose illness from a birth chart.

You may be able to determine a tendency toward various types of illnesses, and you can usually see periods of stress or lowered vitality when one could have health problems; but it is not possible nor should one attempt to diagnose illness from the birth chart.

However, once a medical doctor has diagnoses a particular illness, the medical astrologer may be able to ascertain from the birth chart the severity or duration of the illness. It is always helpful to know exactly when an illness began or was diagnosed as then the medical astrologer can ascertain what planetary influences the client was under at that time. And as stated previously, if the moment of the diagnosis is recorded, a medical astrologer can set up a decumbiture chart for that time and gain more information about the course the illness.


The Signs of the Zodiac and Medical Astrology
A good way to begin your understanding of medical astrology is to gain an understanding of how the signs of the zodiac relate to the body.   Generally speaking, the signs of the zodiac rule  the anatomical locations in the body beginning with Aries for the head and ending with Pisces for the feet.

Aries: the first sign of the zodiac, can refer to heat and inflammation.  It can refer to feverish complaints.  As the first sign of the zodiac, it is the general ruler of the head and brain and all injuries or complaints of the head.  As one delves further into medical astrology, one will note that various parts of the head can refer to other signs — such as Capricorn for the teeth and Cancer for the sinus cavities.  But, in a general way, all complaints of the head area relate to Aries.
Taurus: is a sign which helps in the support and endurance of the body.  It generally refers to the throat, tonsils, and the thyroid gland. In relation to the face, it also rules the gums and the middle ear qui vend viagra.
Gemini: is a sign associated with communication and connectivity. It rules the tubes of the body and has general rulership over the nervous system and the lungs. Following Taurus, the neck, Gemini rules the arms and shoulders.
Cancer: is a water sign which can nurture and protect.  It rules all coverings and containers in the body such as the chest cavity, the stomach, the breasts, and the uterus.  It also rules the mucous membranes.
Leo: another fire sign, is a sign of energy and vitality. It rules the muscular portion of the heart, the spine and middle back.
Virgo: rules the processes of assimilation, selection and the process of discrimination. It rules the small intestine, the pancreas, duodenum, and the enzyme production of the liver.
Libra: is a sign of balance.  It rules the vasomotor system, the lower back (lumbar region), the glandular vascular part of the kidney and the skin as it relates cosmetically.  Scorpio, a sign of elimination, rules bodily outlets and procreative processes. It rules the colon, bladder, the large intestine, rectum, vagina, testes and prostate gland.
Sagittarius: is a sign of locomotion.  It rules the hips and thighs,  the sciatic nerve, and the liver.
Capricorn: refers to limitation and the process of hardening.  It rules the skin  and also rules the knees, hair, nails, teeth and cell walls.
Aquarius: can refer to rare illnesses and nervous ailments. It is involved in blood circulation and the oxidation processes in the body. It rules the lower leg, calf and ankles, and the valves of the heart.
Pisces: can refer to diseases that are hard to diagnose or cure.  Pisces can refer to incurable diseases.  It rules the feet and toes, the lymphatic system, and the spleen in its lymphatic role.Article by Diane CramerExtract taken from

Psychosomatic Therapy – Emotional Release

Written on the 8 September 2010 by Karen Matheson

Psychosomatic therapy is a technique of assessing the mind/body communication and its affects on the structural alignment of the human body. This assessment is then used to identify the reasons as to why a person has shifted out of balance viagra 25mg. By working the physical body, this allows the energy to flow and balance to be restored.

By analysing the condition of the body shape, size, tissue and any contorting of the structure, the emotional past of a person can be revealed. These features can be seen through the face, hands, feet or the body as a whole.

You may have noticed that some bodies walking past you are ‘bent out of shape’. What that means is that they are actually off-center. This can happen front to back or left to right. If you look at the human body using a plumb line, by standing a person along side of it you can actually see how far the person pulls or pushes him or herself from their center point. Also, the body can become twisted as it struggles between the physical and mental doings.

How does this happen? We are emotional beings with our emotions ranging from tranquility to rage, with each emotion creating a different posturing of the body. When we are experiencing joy our body moves differently than when we are feeling anger. Our bodies are in the ‘fight or flight’ mode from the time we enter the world, and some believe from the time of conception through the mother connection. With the many events in our lives, the body responses to situations at an emotional level and, with repeated experiences, the programming of a response occurs. If the situation is one that the person is unsure of how to respond, the body stores the memory at cellular level. This allows the person to retrieve the experience in the future to complete the response once it has the conscious awareness of how to deal with it. With age comes wisdom.

With more situations stored or the more protection that is needed to feel safe in the world, the body adds tissue. The psychosomatic term would be ‘Issue in the Tissue’. That is why weight plays a factor in the assessment. Now, for those who are thinking, “I am thin so I must not have any issues,” remember if your response system is in ‘flight’, then you would not be in your body and would not need the tissue for survival because you are not ‘home’. If you are not home, then where would you be? You would be in your head. To confirm this listen to how you speak; I think, I hear, I know, I see are all senses of the head. Rather than I feel or I sense which are senses of the body.

If you can imagine being in a car accident, physical fight or an abusive situation, the body’s first response is to survive the experience. As the body goes into survival mode, it goes into a protective positioning for the experience. If you are not able to process the situation at both the emotional and physical levels quickly enough in order to survive, the emotional demand will be stored at cellular level and the physical body will be taken care of first. If the situation is repeated at different times in one’s life, with enough repeated experiences a pattern of response is created not only on the physical level but also on the emotional level. The post-traumatic results are a blocked memory, physical aliments and becoming emotionally locked in the situation through fear, anger or pain. Understand, however, that the experience does not have to be as traumatic as the above situations. It can be any situation that a person did not feel safe in.

By knowing that the human body is made up of bone structure, internal organs, and the emotional and mental body, you come to a more complete understanding that if the body is out of balance at one level it has an affect on the others.

Chakras are the major energy centers of the body. These centers are positioned along the spine and each chakra has internal organs associated to it. By understanding the body at the energetic level, you can see how the structure and internal organs can be compromised when it contorts, throwing its balance and rhythm off and hindering the body from being at its full potential.

Psychosomatic therapy uses over one hundred emotional trigger points on the body. Through the technique of triggering the ‘buttons’ through bodywork, Soul Energetic or massage, the body retrieves the memory or emotion. Once the release happens a person may have memory flashes, emotional rushes or a surge of energy. They are then able to call in the consciousness of today and rationalize or process the experience, allowing it to be finished or released. When the body goes into protective posturing, the memory is store in that position, so when a person goes through the release, the body will sometimes contort back to the original positioning to release the memory faut il une ordonnance pour du viagra.

Benefits of psychosomatic therapy are a shifting of the structural body, an emotional calmness, and a conscious choice to respond to things in the now, no longer relying on the old response system. In some people, a reduction in weight occurs due to a release of the need to protect from the emotional past experience.

With the busy lifestyles that we live, dealing with today is a challenge without going into the past to deal with the ‘old stuff’. However, if the body is not balanced at the spiritual, mental or emotional levels, the physical body manifests illness. When this happens, the symptoms can be anything from repeated colds to chronic pain. The question is: your body is speaking, are you listening?


Earth Chakras

This year I have had the privilege of traveling to various parts of the globe. I visited Egypt in the early part of the year to explore my ancient-ness and experience the energy that is just so present there. The energy can only be explained as transformational. I traveled with a group of energy workers, and we held sacred ceremonies and meditations whilst enjoying private time in the most amazing historical parts of Egypt.

Shortly thereafter, Koichi and I traveled to Japan and Korea for business and enjoyed the Japanese/Korean hospitality immensely whilst also taking in the enormous energy of these places. We had a very successful trip and look forward to doing it all over again next year.

In August I journeyed to Uluru with some high level energy workers. Wow. The energy there is extra-ordinary, this taught us all about the masculine/feminine split. We were able to hold a ceremony and explore the beauty of heart and the resonance of the energy of the land and its people.

Looking forward to sharing further experiences of travel and earth magik with my students, friends and people of MSQ.

Manifest creation — Tuning into Our Mother

Ancient people knew that wherever the earth’s energy gathered into a vortex was a sacred place. These strongly charged areas of the globe have also been the places where people have chosen to build churches, temples and other centers of spirit and learning. Places like Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt, Easter Island, and so on are well known as vortex spots. There are three main types of vortexes – all three are replenishing and supercharged with high quality energy.The three vortex types are:

* Electric – stimulates and energizes, activates
* Magnetic – attracts energy to the area
* Electromagnetic -both activates and attracts energy

There are powerful vortexes scattered around the globe that are, in essence, the Earth’s chakra system. Earth has both a major and a minor chakra system, just as people do. With the advent of modern life and wide spread pollution, the Earth’s chakras have become contaminated – and in need of clearing. Ancient mystics such as Cheese the Druids used song, sounds, and ceremonies to keep a chakra open, cleaned, and in proper working order. More and more people in the 21st century are remembering these old ways and are once again paying homage in ritual to the Great Mother. People are relearning the ancient shamanic and medicine way knowledge, centered on a relationship with the Earth. This not only helps heal the Earth, but affects the person strongly as well. Again, the relationship between the Earth and us is reciprocal. We affect each other in direct and subtle ways.

As people meditate and send energy to the Earth while close to a vortex point, most come to a common realization. These vortexes serve as portals – ones that humans can tap to touch their own higher dimensional selves. All of us have at least 12 layers of subtle bodies coupled with our current physical one. The Earth has these layers as well. When we are close to an active chakra of the Earth, it energizes us to “see” things the way they really are – multidimensional and ever evolving.

Although some may think vortexes and energy grids are pure fantasy, science is beginning to prove that this ancient teaching is actual fact. As Joseph Jochmans wrote in Earth, the Crystal Planet”In 1973, three Russians–historians Nikolai Goncharov, construction engineer Vyacheslav Morozov. and electronics specialist Valery Makarov–announced in the science journal for the Soviet Academy of Science, Chemistry and Life, their discovery of a geometric grid pattern which appears to interlink a wide number of Video natural phenomena into a single planetary system. Their work was based on the flndings of American researcher Ivan T viagra generique sur le net. Sanderson who identified what he called twelve vile vortexes or electromagnetic energy disturbances located equidistant over the surface of the globe, the so-called Bermuda Triangle near the Caribbean and the Devil’s Sea off Japan being two of these. What the three Russians found was an underlying framework linking these centers into a dual crystal structure, a combination between an icosahedron and a dodecahedron. Not surprisingly, these happen to be the Fourth and Fifth Solids in the Platonic series, which were projected outward by the Earth for over the last million years or so.”

If you get a chance to rest and meditate at one of the major earth vortexes, do make sure that you listen closely. It is commonly accepted that there is at least one major chakra on each continent. The cardinal seven chakras are:

* 1st chakra – Mt. Shasta, California

* 2nd chakra – Lake Titicaca, South America

* 3rd chakra – Glastonbury-Shaftesbury, England

* 4th chakra – Uluru-Katatjuta, Australia

* 5th chakra – Great Pyramid-Mt. of Olives

* 6th chakra – Kuh-e Malek Siah, Iran

* 7th chakra – Mt. Kailas, Tibet.

There are also four vortexes that govern the four elements. These are spinning energy portals where rituals done in a circle can open and heal the Earth, the participants and people at large. These four vortexes are sitated at:

* Earth – Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
* Water – Lake Rotopounamu, North Island, New Zealand
* Air – Great Pyramid, Mount of Olives
* Fire – Haleakala Crater, Hawaii.

As well, seek out the minor chakras – the vortexes that are in your vicinity. Make a point to visit them regularly. As you do listen for the Earth’s ancient language. The Earth’s language reaches us via energy – light, sound, electromagnetic radiation, the elements, and so on. Do whatever your heart tells you to do in your sacred place – meditate, dance, sing, chant, drum, walk – whatever makes you feel joy and peace. By doing this you help the Earth to mend any tears and congestion in her chakras – help her revitalize her power. Any chakra work is great chakra work. When you work with one minor or major chakra it affects all of the other ones, around the globe.

This article was taken from Rajana’s Refuge


Our Advanced Diploma in Remedial Massage – Myotherapy will be ready for delivery early in 2011… viagra 150 mg.

Myotherapists assess and treat myofascial pain, injury and dysfunction affecting movement and mobility combien coute le viagra. Myotherapy can be utilised to restore and maintain the integrity of the soft tissue structures (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) of the human body and is useful in the preventative, corrective and rehabilitative phases of injury management.
Pain or symptoms caused by muscle (myo) or fascia is described as myofascial. Myofascial pain can be non-specific and can vary in intensity and radiate to other areas. Other symptoms can include reduced range of motion of muscles and joints, stiffness, fatigue and weakness. As with all injuries, symptoms can significantly vary from one individual to another. Common conditions that Myotherapists can treat include:

  • Sporting & occupational injuries
  • Stiffness & pain associated with poor posture
  • Associated joint & vertebral dysfunction & pain – neck & back pain
  • Acute & chronic conditions affecting function & mobility
  • Scoliosis &/or Kyphosis
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Chronic overuse syndromes – tendonitis, RSI, tennis/golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel
  • Shoulder pain, impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder
  • Hand & finger numbness / tingling – thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Knee, leg & foot pain – shin splints, patella tracking dysfunction, ankle sprains
  • Arthritis
  • Pregnancy – pre/post natal complaints
  • Pain & dysfunction associated with stress & tension

What to expect from a myotherapy consultation:

Assessment – Clinical assessment is reliant on history taking, examination routines of particular joints or regions, assisted by highly developed tactile, palpatory skills and a thorough understanding of joint and muscular assessment procedures. These skills distinguish Myotherapy from massage therapy.
Treatment – Soft tissue manipulation, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial dry needling, Myofascial release, Cupping, Thermal therapy/Cryotherapy, Postural assessment, Corrective exercises (stretches, strength), Core stability exercises, Diet and nutritional advice.

Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy

Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy

We will be offering our very first Cert III in Psychosomatic Therapy at Massage Schools of Queensland in 2011 and we are very pleased to announce a partnership with world renowned abode authority and teacher in Psychosomatic Therapy – Hermann Muller, who will be teaching our very first course.

What is Psychosomatic Therapy?

Our body and mind is an integrated Psycho(mind) Somatic(body) unit. Psychosomatic is the living body created through the experience of the mind in action.

Psychosomatic therapy enables a rapid zeroing in on the specific areas that require change or release. By evaluating the condition of the body shape, size and tissue (whether it is restricted, protected or absent), you begin identifying the condition. Through conscious techniques you can discover how to alter old patterns, giving you skills to change.

Thoughts, feeling and experience imprint on our body telling it’s story. We are all the biographers of our life experiences, one of the keys to connect the soul. Psychosomatic wellness is the future of medicine. Face Reading and body language is the universal language of your soul.

Do you find yourself asking Why is the same thing keep happening to me?…. Habits, habits, habits.

We can edit any time the bodymind language to change the story.

By listening to your body and understanding your own story, you discover habits that you may be unaware of. Through Psychosomatic Therapy you can learn the skills to change, which is no longer helping you to achieve your goals. Your can realise your goals.

What you will learn

1. The Art of Reading Faces
Face Reading is one of the most powerful experiences of getting to know yourself and others. It opens the doors to understanding the depth of your Soul. Who are you? Why do you look the way you do? Can you see the most intimate loving aspect of your Spirit?

In Face Reading, you will understand how the patterns of your thoughts have been expressed in the fleshing out of your tissue. What are the causal patterns of your DNA? What emotional patterns are you carrying in your genes? Every thought your parent’s and grandparent’s Medicine have had is living in your DNA. Look in the mirror, is your left side and right side of your face in balance? How does this affect other areas of your life? With awareness you can change anything! This course will show you how!

How come a cartoonist can draw a few lines of a paper and we know exactly who it is? Could these be characteristic of a person? There ?udno? is nothing more interesting or life changing than studying yourself. Take this next step in truly loving yourself by loving your face!

You Will Learn:

– How our Inner World is creating our Outer World and it is etched in the face.
– How our face shapes are the blueprints of our Spiritual energy.
– How this structure indicates the potential for our personality’s performance.
– The difference between the left/right brain functions and how to bring them in to balance.
– How each individual feature or parts of the face speaks a language of its own.
– That the eyes are the Windows to the Soul and are our point of view of the World.
– Why the nose is our ego or personality, the nose ‘knows’ of and ‘knows’ it all.
– How the forehead indicates our frame of mind through which we perceive the World.

“If our Inner World creates our Outer World, isn’t etched in the Face.”

2. Body Mind Analysis
Would you like to create radical changes in your life? How do you do this? By taking conscious responsibility through awareness of ‘the shape you are in’. This workshop in itself is a Therapy, designed to release tensions and create in-depth healing in mental, emotional and physical states. By understanding how you hold your tension, you will be able to let go and allow your true spirit or life force soar to your unlimited potential.

Here is just a portion of what you will learn:

– If you are in a fight patterns; when your mind lets go of the issues, the body will let go of the tissues.
– If you are in a flight pattern; how to ground yourself and live in your body, you have no body else.
– To release cellular memory and old habits.
– How breathing patterns release stress and cellular memory.
– Posture and body language determine your attitude in life.
– To balance the male-female energy and left/right brain responses.
– The flow of energy through the body’s major centres determines your health and fitness.

“By shifting your attitudes and beliefs about what is possible in your world, you will be able to redefine your potential which is really unlimited, and unlock the extraordinary powers of your body-mind.” Jerry Lynch

3. The Language of the Hands
The sense of touch is the finest form of emotional and mental expression. Your hands are an extention of your Heart, they give you the experience to feel love in everything you touch. The healing power of your hands and the delicate instrumentation of the fingers give life dimension and shape.

You will discover the deeper meaning of touch:

– By listening and feeling inside whatever you touch outside pilule viagra france.
– That great character and potential lies “on the tip of your fingers”
– That your hands are the most sensory communicators you have.
– By understanding each digit of finger and its part in the expression of your life.

Learn to love and respect your beautiful hands. They are the true teachers of touch. Remember how Grandma’s food tasted so good because she put a lot of love in it with her loving hands.

4. Emotional Anatomy

Anatomical structure is the blueprint that supports the expression of our experiences of life. The internal pulsation of life that maintains this structure and cheap nba jerseys the organs is eventually wholesale mlb jerseys expressed outside as psychosomatic attitudes and behaviour that grow into belief systems. These are rationalized as emotional and mental states. Our internal relationships then determine our performance, self-image and our interaction with others and the issues of life itself.

You will discover:
· How structure creates psychological function.
· How interaction and relationships are effected by habitual behaviour.
· Somatic education & clinical direction, enabling you to release the past.
· Industrie The practical experience of ‘Emotional Release Points’ on the physical body.

“As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new wholesale nba jerseys demensions of the Soul will not emerge.”

5. Psychosomatic Practitioner Certificate III

Psychosomatic Therapy takes the most basic steps to create Natural Therapy as a way of life. This is the Health Science of the Future and the Future is NOW! (1 Day – 11 Hrs)

Psychosomatic Therapy takes the most basic steps to create Natural Therapy as a way of life. This systematic process of self-awareness is an essential tool for realistic personal and spiritual growth in all aspects of your life. Experience the combination of Psychotherapy and Quantum Physics, and learn how the Neuro Linguistic programming of old core belief patterns can be released and replaced by Body balance, posture and muscle toning.

IAAMA Aromatherapy Conference – Back to the Future of Aromatic Medicine

The International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association (IAAMA) hosted it’s annual Conference for members and those interested in Aromatherapy on the 8-9th October 2010 in Brisbane. The conference was themed ‘Back to the Future with Aromatic Medicine’ and included a teachers conference, an Aromatherapy Conference AGM and trade exhibiton. Aromatherapy students and staff from Massage Schools of Queensland’s who attended the conference came back very excited about the future of Aromatherapy and Aromatic medicine. A full and varied programme was offered, with some very influential figures in the fields of Aromatherapy, Aromatic medicine and Phytotherapy.

Robert Tisserand  ‘Safety of Aromatic Medicine’ Read more

Robert Tisserand Robert Tisserand has been instrumental in bringing widespread professional and public recognition to aromatherapy. During his 15 years as a massage cheap jerseys therapist, he wrote one of the first books on aromatherapy in 1977. The Art of Aromatherapy is now published in twelve languages. In 1974 he established The Aromatic Oil Company (a predecessor of Tisserand Aromatherapy) and in 1988 he founded The Tisserand Institute, setting new standards for vocational aromatherapy education. Also in 1988, he launched The International Journal of Aromatherapy, which he published and edited for 12 years. In the 1990s, Robert orchestrated three international AROMA conferences at British Universities, each attracting some 300 attendees.

Robert tracks all the published research relevant to essential oils and collaborates with doctors, herbalists and pharmacologists, integrating scientific data with traditional medicine and holistic principles. He is familiar with the foundations of oriental medicine, and Western herbal and naturopathic traditions, with their emphasis on cleansing, protecting, strengthening immune function and aiding <a href="http://campamentosdeveranoeducativos viagra”>2016 natural healing processes. Robert also has 40 years of experience in essential oil blending and aromatherapy product development, and has an expert knowledge of essential oil safety.

Robert is on the International Advisory Board of Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, and is a member of the Natural Perfumers Guild. In recognition of his pioneering work, he has been awarded Honorary Lifetime Membership of the International Federation of Aromatherapists, the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. He was privileged to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the AIA in Denver in 2007, and is the current chair of the AIA Research Committee.

<a style="color: #374c95" href="http://http//www prix viagra″>Farida Irani ‘Ayurveda Aromatherapy for Maintaining Good Health‘ Read more

Farida Irani is a qualified Ayurveda Practitioner, a clinical at Aromatherapist and Teacher, Bowen Therapy Instructor, a Remedial Therapist and a Reflexologist. Farida is regarded as a pioneer in Ayurveda Aromatherapy. Through her clinical research and studies, she has combined the ancient sciences of Ayurveda with the science of Aromatherapy and has been successful in reviving this ancient branch of using essential oils in Ayurveda, long forgotten by many practising the science today. Farida is an international speaker and lecturer who is often invited to international conferences wholesale jerseys in the natural therapies and complimentary health fields.

Ron Guba ‘Aromatic Medicine for Ear, Nose and Throat Complaints’

Ron has specialised in the area of aromatic medicine (or the therapeutic uses of essential oils in the context of herbal medicine) since the early 1980s. Emigrating to Australia in 1986 Ron studied and worked with the renowned French Aromatherapy physician, Dr Daniel Pénöel who lived in Australia until 1988. Completing his diploma in Phyto-aromathérapie in 1988 in France, Ron began Essential Therapeutics, a company devoted to providing therapeutic grade essential oils to health practitioners and the Centre for Aromatic Medicine to provide training in the practice of aromatic medicine. Ron was a founding member and past chairman of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (Australia) and a founding member and present chairman of the Australian Aromatic Medicine Association. Ron continues to cheap jerseys research and lecture extensively on aromatic medicine topics throughout Australia and overseas.

Dr Evelin Tiralongo ‘What Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy have in Common’

Dr Evelin Tiralongo is a German trained and registered pharmacist with extensive practical and research expertise in complementary medicines (CMs) and natural products. Dr Tiralongo has established integrated CM education Emission for Griffith’s pharmacy students, researched and published CM education aspects and received two teaching awards. She has given various oral presentations and invited lectures on CM topics at national and international conferences and industry meetings, as well as presented CPD seminars on CMs to pharmacists in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Dr Tiralongo is a chief investigator in several clinical, practice and laboratory based CM research projects funded through the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, the 1,050 National Institute of Complementary Medicine and the CM industry. She has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles, several book chapters and online CM resources and co-authored a patent. As a chief investigator she has received approximately $1,170,000 in internal and external research funding.

Various workshops were also offered:

Cooking with Essential Oils  Sarah Robinson and Chef Grant

Intuitive Aromatherapy   Jennifer Jefferies

Jennifer is one of Australia’s best-known authors and speakers. She is a qualified health practitioner but better than that, she’s also a real person. She’s ridden the crest of a corporate boom, had it all and then had it all come crashing cheap jerseys down around her. She’s travelled the road to corporate burnout where she decided to change her life. Learn what she did about living a life in balance. Read more

Exciting changes are happening within the fields of Aromatherapy and Aromatic medicine and the conference provided staff and students at Massage Schools of Queensland the opportunity to talk face to face with some of the leading authorities